Wednesday, October 5, 2016

More Airbnb Issues...

I've previously written about 1 downside of Airbnb:

I'm running into another right now for a property in Seoul, Korea.

Basically, the location is not where the listing says it is.  On a listing, you have these teal circles which represent the area where the property is located.  I wanted a place next to Seoul Station and the title of the listing also said "SEOUL STATION" (amongst other words).

So I get the directions to the place and it's actually farther south than the map above and it's actually further south than the Namyeong subway station that you can see at the bottom of the picture.

The main reason I booked this place is to take 1 train from the airport directly to Seoul station (the main central station in Seoul) and just walk to the apartment.  Now I have to switch from an airport train to a subway and go an extra stop and worst of all, I may not have elevators or escalators at the subway station and need to carry my luggage up the stairs to street level.  I know Seoul Station has elevators and escalators to street level and was another reason I booked this place.  And now I found out the location of the listing is completely misrepresented in the listing.

The listing does have positive reviews and no one among the first few pages of reviews complained of the wrong location.

I am getting really tired of Airbnb...  I am messaging the host to ask about this.  If she wants to cancel, that'd be ideal since that way she gets penalized.  If she does not want to cancel, then I have to involve Airbnb for an inaccurate listing and get them to cancel it for me and to correct the listing.  Will update on what happens...

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