Friday, September 23, 2016

An alternative to getting home from the airport vs Uber/Lyft with surge pricing

Quick summary: look into 1 way car rentals vs high priced Lyft/Uber/Taxi at peak times, it might be cheaper

Recently I landed in SFO at 11PM on Labor Day Monday and I didn't want to inconvenience anyone at that late hour. (how considerate of me)

I had planned on taking a Lyft or an Uber and thought it might cost about $60 or so.  But boy, was I wrong.  When I first opened Lyft and saw that the price for a Lyft Line (shared ride like Uberpool) to San Jose was $110, I thought I put in the wrong address but nope, the price for a shared ride was $110.  The price for a regular Lyft was around $140 and UberX was similar.

I had never taken a taxi from SFO to San Jose but upon my quick search, it seemed like it would be around $120-130+.

At this moment, I had this idea of booking a 1 way car rental instead.  And lo and behold, I was able to make a booking for a 1 way rental at around $63 including all taxes/fees using my corporate code.  I suppose it might be higher without a good corporate/discount code but it's definitely worth a look.

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