Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What is wrong with Korean airlines websites?

I need to get my dad to Korea tomorrow so I've been trying to book a flight on Asiana's website and I keep getting error pages at various points during the booking process.  I've tried both the Korean and English pages and it makes no difference.  I literally tried about 12 times before I gave up and booked the ticket on Expedia.  I kept trying on Asiana's website since it's easier to select my own seats when you book directly but it's just not worth me throwing the keyboard against the monitor while I'm at work.

How come a country that's so advanced technologically have such antiquated websites where I can't even book a paid ticket on their own website?  It's not just Asiana, I experienced the same thing while booking award flights on Korean Air and last year when I was flying with Jeju Air as well.  In general, I see this with other Asian airlines' websites as well where they're very poorly designed with lots of errors all over the place.  I'm looking at Singapore and Cathay Pacific as two other examples I've run into.

So I guess that's one place where US airlines are actually better than Asian airlines.  Their websites.

[edit] Good grief, I've been trying to check in and I had to use 3 different browsers before I was finally able to actually check-in on Internet Explorer [/edit]