Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Business Class sale from US/Canada to Europe

To go along with my very timely post from yesterday, here's such a deal where you can use the AARP discount on top of a sale to Europe.


If you pay with a Visa card and enter promo code "CARDOFFERU" you can save another 10%!  This is supposed to for British Airways Visa cardholders but I have successfully used this with a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa card.

The fares are close to $3000 from the West Coast but with the 10% off, it's around $2270.  Which is a good (but not great) fare from the West Coast to Europe in business class.

Also in addition, there's currently a 25,000 bonus from American Airlines on flights to Europe through July.


So the way it works is, you can fly on BA but in the frequent flyer number field, you'd put in your American Airlines Aadvantage # to earn miles on American.  And if you register for this promo, you'd earn an additional 25,000 American miles on top of what you'd earn for the flight itself.

So for the flight itself, if you credit it to American, you'd earn around 16,101 miles.  Roundtrip distance is 10,734 miles, and for booking in discount business class you earn 1.5X actual miles so thus 10,734 * 1.5 = 16,101 miles.  Then when you add the 25k miles bonus, you'd earn a total of 41,101 miles.  You can fly roundtrip within the 48 US States for 25,000 miles, so you can also get a free trip within the US plus 16,000 miles left over.

I'm not booking this trip as I have booked up every single remaining vacation day for the rest of the year.

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