Monday, April 18, 2016

Why Airsick?

This really should have been the first post but I posted the other first post on my 11 year old dormant blogspot page and it keeps having all kinds of issues so I copy/pasted it here first.

Why the name Airsick?  I actually sometimes get airsick on longer flights.  Although my personal record is getting sick on a 1 hour flight between LA and SF after not having slept much the night before and being dead tired.  When I get sick, I throw up, so not fun.

But you know what's interesting is that when I fly up front, I don't get sick most of the time.  Apparently the motions of the airplane are more severe towards the back.  And thus began my fascination with flying in premium cabins, I mean the bigger seats are nice and all but being able to fly without getting sick is amazing.

I first flew international business class in 2003 on a business trip to China.  It was on an Asiana flight and while the details are hazy, it was either an angled flat bed or a flat bed.  Unfortunately I had to fly economy on the way back since that was their policy.  We landed in China (can't even remember which airport, I guess Tianjin or nearby, since our factory was in Tianjin) in the afternoon and went straight to the office for meetings.

I first flew on an airplane to Jeju Island ( from Seoul, then first flew internationally when I came to the US from Korea when I was 10 years old.

Anyway, I'm beginning to digress but that's why the name.

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